Create Your Most Effective Essay

You want to create a personal statement that PA schools will notice, and you want to do it quickly. But, if you're not sure your essay has the right focus or that you are including the right experience, finishing it can be frustrating.


Take the stress out of essay writing with a Personal Statement Review.


Through an essay review service, you'll learn how to:

  • Focus on your most important experience
  • Improve the flow of your essay
  • Ensure that your sentence structure and grammar are spot-on and submission-ready 
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**Due to high demand, Essay Review Services are currently offered exclusively to private coaching clients or as part of a package. See sample packages for information & options.** 


CASPA application review and supplemental essay reviews are available as add-on services with any Essay Review service at the time of booking. 


Prepare for your PA school interview

Most PA school candidates struggle with developing their answers to potential interview questions. There are plenty of practice questions out there, but they don't tell you how to mold your story and life experience into short interview answers.


Learn how to tell your story clearly and concisely with the help of a Mock PA School Interview. 


In your one-on-one session, you'll learn how to:

  • Use simple style-specific techniques to tackle any interview question
  • Highlight your experiences & personality in your responses
  • Deliver genuine answers that will differentiate you from the crowd
Going through the mock interview helped me to understand what kinds of questions to expect and get a feel for the intensity of the MMI format. Through it, I was able to improve my answers and get a better perspective on what PA schools were likely looking for in a candidate. Practicing in this way helped me to think on my feet during the real MMI process. And it worked - I got into my first choice school!
— Lynn Pham, Western University, Class of 2019
I was unsure about how well the mock interview would prepare me for the real thing, but receiving immediate feedback and guidance on my answers is exactly what I needed to feel more familiar and comfortable with what I would experience on my interview day.
— Matt Boudreau, Sacred Heart University, Class of 2020
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You've made this far, don't wait until the next application cycle to shine.  

Combine services (or create something new!)

When working towards a career as a PA, it can be difficult to determine what your next (or first) move should be. 


Much of the information available on becoming a PA just scratches the surface, providing vague, superficial advice that often doesn't relate to where you are right now.


Trying to figure out the steps that are right for you can leave you confused and questioning if your efforts are actually moving you forward.


You need a plan that isn't just based on what worked for one other person. Instead, you need a plan that will focus in on what steps are relevant to you.


Get a personalized plan that shows you exactly what you need to do to become the PA you want to be with a premium package.  

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Develop a clear path forward from where you are now to your future career as a PA. 

“I’m a career changer. Having not practiced interviewing for a while, I was looking for honest feedback about my responses. In my mock interview, I learned exactly how to improve my responses while keeping them concise and unique to me. I felt relaxed and confident going into my interviews. I ended up getting into my top two school choices!”
— Kathryn Fossaceca, DeSales University, Class of 2020

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