Sample Personalized Packages

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Target school selection


Choosing the right PA programs for you from the 200+ choices can feel overwhelming. Simplify and streamline the process with guidance to help you find the best PA programs for you.

Two 60-minute strategies sessions include:

Session 1 - Finding PA programs that are a good fit for you
Session 2 - Aligning your efforts for your target PA program(s)

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Re-application success

Most applicants who fail to get into PA school fall short not because they weren't good enough, but because they didn't have a complete plan. This time around, create your complete plan for success.

- Analysis of prior CASPA application, including feedback on personal statement
- 60-minute one-on-one session focused on strategies for improving your application for the next cycle
- Personal Statement Review for upcoming application, includes:
✔️30-minute Essay Planning Session for creation of new essay
✔️Critique of first draft
✔️45-minute First-Draft Review Session by phone or video
✔️Two full-service written edits

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PA as a second career

If you are pursuing a new career as a PA, your path is different than a college student's. Your plan should be too.

Three 60-minute strategies sessions include:

Session 1 - Gaining the right experience for you
Session 2 - Program vetting & gaining prerequisites
Session 3 - Application strategizing & references

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Dream job package

If your a near or new PA school grad, you've made it a long way! Now, make sure you are living the life you imagined as a new PA by taking action to land your dream job.

- Critique & editing of your CV
- Cover letter review
- Two 60-minute one-on-one strategy sessions:

Session 1 - Job search, getting references, positioning your experience
Session 2 - Interview prep & offer negotiation


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