Essay review FAQ

+ What's the turnaround time for a personal essay review?

Two full edits will be completed, each within 48 hours of you submitting a draft. Before the written process begins, an Essay Optimization Session must be complete. The full length of the process will depend on how quickly you submit your second draft for review, but averages around 5-7 days.

If you need an expedited review, please request availability prior to purchase.

+ How long should my personal statement be when I submit the first draft?

First drafts average around 4200-5300 characters. Many essays will be strengthened if there is room to add content, so I recommend coming in on the low side of 5000 if possible.

First drafts should be no more than 5600 characters when they are submitted.

+ What's the process for the Essay Optimization Session?

You can book your session at the time of purchase. In the Essay Optimization Session, we'll walk through your experiences, essay goals, and flow of your first draft.

Based on what is reviewed in the session, you'll have an opportunity to make any changes to your draft before the written review begins.

+ What if I want to skip the Essay Optimization Session to save time?

The Essay Optimization Session is required for all personal statement review services. These sessions allow me to learn about your experiences, desires, and concerns for your essay.

I gain so much valuable information for these sessions and am better equipped to understand your perspective and voice when editing your essay.

Skipping it would decrease the quality of the review, so it's a must if you'd like to work with me.

+ How do I submit my statement?

We will use Dropbox to exchange each version of your essay for your privacy and security. You will receive a personal link in your order confirmation email to use for submission.

+ Do you offer supplemental essay reviews?

Yes, these can be added on to any essay review service at the time of booking through the checkout process. Supplemental essay review includes a single written edit of a supplemental essay of any length.

+ Do you offer CASPA application reviews?

Yes! A CASPA application review can be added on to any essay service at the time of booking. This is a technical review of your CASPA application prior to submission to look for errors and give advice on the content. For a full review of a previously submitted application and essay, including advice on what to do to improve, check out the "Re-application Success" package.


Mock interview FAQ

+ What's the mock interview session like?

In a mock interview session, we start by working on your responses to the most common interview questions to best highlight your experiences and drive to become a PA. After each response, we work together to see if there are any areas that could be made stronger.

Because you cannot anticipate every question that might be asked, we'll also cover strategies for answering different styles of interview questions. You'll learn frameworks to help structure your responses to different question styles, which you can rely upon during your interview to keep your responses effective and concise.

The session is interactive, so you'll receive feedback on your responses as we go along.

+ How do we connect?

I use a program called Zoom to connect with you for the video call. It's free for you to download, and I'll give you the appropriate links in your confirmation email. Zoom usually allows for a more reliable connection than Google Hangouts or Skype, which means you having to see my frozen face on a screen will be kept to a minimum.

+ Can the questions be tailored to a particular PA program where I am interviewing?

Absolutely! If you know a program where you are interviewing has a certain style interview (MMI, group, individual) or often asks particular questions of candidates, we can build that into our prep. You will receive a questionnaire at the time of booking to include any special requests or particular questions you want to be sure to cover in your session.

+ How do I know what mock interview service is right for me?

The regular mock interview covers your background and experience and how to use your strengths to answer questions. It reviews a much wider range of questions (ones that you request and surprise questions), and the 90-minute session goes quickly.

The mock mini is designed for those who feel 90% prepared for their PA school interview but have a few lingering concerns about particular questions. You pick the 4-5 questions to review for the mock mini to target the practice on the particular questions that may be a bit of a struggle for you.

The mock deluxe includes a 90-minute interview session plus a 30-minute follow-up session. This is beneficial for applicants who are scheduled for or expect more than one interview, as the follow up session can be done between interviews. Or, you might opt to use it as a quick refresher after the initial session and a few days before your real interview. It's also the best deal.


One-on-one packages FAQ

+ How do I know which package is best for me?

If you are considering a package, I encourage you to schedule a FREE 20-minute Discovery session as a first step. In the session, we'll meet and I'll have the opportunity to learn more about you.

Packages involve a lot of one-on-one work, so I want you to make sure that I am the right fit for you before you dive in. We can also explore creating a new package tailored to your specific needs.

+ What if I don't want to do a package after a Discovery session?

No problem. Discovery sessions are meant to help you decide what is best for you. There is absolutely no obligation to select a service or package during or after a Discovery session.

+ How long do I have to complete my package?

Each package is designed with an ideal timeframe in mind to provide you with the best information and plan to help you succeed in your journey. We can review the an ideal timeframe that's right for you in a discovery session.

That being said, packages never expire and services can be redeemed at any time.

+ Can I change one of the sessions in my package to another service, like a Mock interview?

Each package is designed to move you closer to meeting a particular goal. Sessions can be focused on your needs but cannot be exchanged for other services offered. However, if you'd like to build a more personalized package, we can explore the options in a Discovery session.


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